Scheduling Information

Students and parents - This year we will not be holding the annual "Courses, Career & Curriculum Night," as we have the past few years.  It is our goal to have students and parents attend an event later in the spring semester but those details are yet to be determined.  We will be providing a video presentation for incoming freshmen and their parents/guardians to view after Feb. 10th.  And as usual, we encourage all students and parents to contact myself or individual teachers with questions related to content, career paths, courses, scheduling, etc. 

 2021-2022 ELGHS Course Catalog.

College Credit Classes - a list of the dual credit courses that are taught at ELGHS and information about the courses  

College Credit Brochure - Additional information about our college/dual credit and AP classes

Want to better understand our college/dual credit or AP programs? This sheet explains more about these programs.

Students are encouraged to explore the option to do a Youth Apprenticeship or a Co-op during their junior and/or senior years.  Click the links to find out more info about these programs.  Deadline to apply for YA for next year is March 1st.  (Visit the YA program page for information). Deadline to apply for summer or 1st quarter Co-op is April 26th.  

All eligible students who will be juniors or seniors next year and are planning to take a dual credit course (for high school and college credit) through UW-Oshkosh, must complete a process.  This process involves applying and registering (every year they take a course).  Click here to review/start the process.  UW-Oshkosh CAPP classes: Pre-calculus, Calculus, The Active Lifestyle, US History 202     Please note the application needs to be completed by July 31 for classes beginning the following fall.  (To be eligible to take a CAPP course through UW-Oshkosh,  a student must have a GPA of at least a 3.25 or ACT score of 24 and be the top 50% of their class with a 2.75 minimum GPA.)  

Students should be discussing their next year class options with their parents/guardians, teachers, and counselor.  They should be considering their interests, career choice and college pathway when making their selections.  Students remember to use Xello for information pertaining to careers and college majors.  Be sure to explore the requirements needed for the college of your choice, as different colleges may have different requirements to be accepted.