Climbing Wall


Our traverse wall was funded and installed in Fall of 2013 with the help of our ELG PTA & ELG Education Foundation. It measures 40 feet long and just over 8 feet high.

Our wall features an inter-locking protective mat which doubles as a crash mat during climbing.

Each color of the wall provides a different challenge for our students. The holds and positions of the holds can be also be changed to provide different challenges. Below are the current record times for each level as it currently stands:

FORWARDS (left to right) BACKWARDS (right to left)
All Colors - Brody Feldmann  19.50 sec All Colors - Brody Feldmann  22.24 sec
Green Only - Brody Feldmann  23.27 sec Green Only - Brody Feldmann  19.87 sec
Yellow Only - Brody Feldmann  25.42 sec Yellow Only - Brody Feldmann  32.83 sec
Red Only - Brody Feldmann  1:01.46 sec Red Only - Tyler Gabrielse  1:36.69 sec

No student below 4th grade has completed red, a pizza party awaits if someone is able!

ELG Traverse Wall