Optional Summer Mask Covering Effective June 30th

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June 23, 2021


Dear ELG School District Parents/Guardians,


At their Special Board Meeting held on Monday, June 21, 2021, the Elkhart Lake- Glenbeulah Board of Education voted to make facial coverings optional for all people attending ELG Schools (students, parents, staff, etc.) effective starting  Wednesday, June 30th for summer activities, such as summer school (beginning 2nd session), Child Care, etc. Their decision took into consideration the current health conditions and input from parents, students and staff.


The committee that helped establish the “Return to School” plan for last fall will be reconvening in late June and early July to evaluate protocols that had been implemented for the 2020-21 school year. They will develop recommendations to present to the Board of Education over the summer months on which protocols should remain, end, and/or be modified, starting with the July Board meeting. Decisions for the start of school will involve topics such as masks, classroom/school procedures and other related-health protocols such as contact tracing, etc.  While we are hopeful to have much of the start of the 2021-22 school year resemble a “pre-COVID” setting, the District will continue to take into consideration guidance from local/state/federal resources and integrate this information with our local health conditions and unique school setting. Please watch for updates on the revised guidelines associated with the opening of school to be shared beginning the end of July.  Emails will be sent to parents and the information/updates will be posted on the school website.


To repeat, effective starting June 30, parents will have the option to have their children wear a face covering while attending summer activities at school, including summer school, participation in the Child Care program, athletic practices, etc.  


However, please note, as at this time, it is a federal order that people be masked when riding on public transportation, students riding the school bus to and from  summer school will need to wear a mask while on the bus as long as this federal requirement is in place (otherwise this presents a liability for the District).  Once at school, wearing the mask is then optional.  Hopefully this federal  regulation will be revisited for schools for the fall so students will have consistent masking guidance both at school and on the bus.  Stay tuned...


The Board’s decision to begin on June 30 corresponds with the first day of the second session of summer school. This session  begins Wednesday, June 30th, and ends Friday, July 16th. If the change to “optional masking” causes any parents to reconsider their student’s enrollment in summer school -- whether to withdraw or now enroll for the second session--please contact the elementary/middle school office prior to June 30.  All requests will be accepted and all attempts will be made to accommodate parental requests.


If any parents would have questions/concerns regarding the optional wearing of masks for the Child Care, please contact Mrs. Diane Schwaller directly. 


Again, please stay tuned for more information as the District works to develop its plan for the opening day of school. 


Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience as the Board, Administration and Staff plan for the first day of school. 




Dr. Jeanne Courneene, Elementary/Middle School Principal 

Mr. Ryan Faris, High School Principal

Mrs. Diane Schwaller, Child Care Director

Dr. Ann Buechel Haack, District Administrator

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