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A message from Dr. Ann Buechel Haack.....


Dear Parents, Guardian, Community Members, 

For many years, ELG School District was one of the County’s “Best Kept Secrets.”  Over the past years, we have begun actively “marketing” our District and promoting all that ELGS has to offer to both current and prospective students/families.  This has proven to be beneficial.  For the last two school years, we have more students Open Enrolling into ELG than choosing to leave.  This is huge for the District.

There are many ways we promote ELGS.  For example, we have created marketing folders; send out “Future Resorter” welcome packages to newborns in the Districts; offer and promote personalized tours; update our website, create marketing ads, etc.  While all these are good to do, probably the most effective and influential marketing is done by our staff, our parents, our families and our communities.  What you say to others about our District and your ELGS experience speaks volumes.   From the comments we receive from families exploring ELGS as an option for their families, we have earned a positive reputation as a viable choice for consideration for families.  This is great!

The Open Enrollment Period for 2021-22 is currently open and continues through April 30th.  We are again creating a series of ads to promote our motto of "Resorter Strong" by sharing our strong focus in areas, such as balance with our educational approach, a strong focus on student growth, building relationships, community support, providing opportunities, building character based on community service and a culture of caring, and the "family feel" we have in our schools, District and with the community.  The ads are sponsored by the PTA, ELG Education Foundation, ELGS Administration/Staff/Students, and ELG Parents and Alumni. 

As a parent (and possibly also an alumni), how can you help? 

  ·   Donations to help defray the cost of the ads are always appreciated.  But even more so, having more parents/alumni contributing to the ad sponsorship adds additional support and credibility behind the sponsorship, which reads “ELGS Parents and Graduates.”  I bring this up, as I have had parents/graduates ask me about helping sponsor ads by making a donation and thought others might also like to contribute.  Any amount is appreciated.  Just as important as the monetary donation, is the support that is shown through the donation.  Donations can be brought to either school office or mailed to my attention and sent to ELG HS, PO Box 326, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020.  Any checks should be written to ELGS.

  ·   Continue and/or start sharing the positive experiences you have with your children at ELGS.  Your conversations can be very persuasive.  Also, along that line, if you’re not happy with something at ELGS, be sure to talk to the building principals or me so we can try to address the situation.  We would much rather you talk to us, than about us, so we can do something about the situation.

  ·   Know of a new family that moved into the area?  If so, please let the office know so we can reach out to them and be sure they get a marketing folder and a contact from our building principal.  Also, we like to let families know about our on-site Child Care.

  ·   Know of the birth of a “Future Resorter” – please let us know.  We rely on notices from the Sheb. County hospitals for our list, but know we have missed some families in the past, as these are not always complete.  Please contact the elementary/middle school office.  Dr. Courneene will be happy to send out the Welcome package!

If you have any additional thoughts or questions on this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support!


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