Student Services

Last Updated: 12/9/2021 8:22 PM

Student Service Options:

The Student Services Department in our school district provides assistance to parents, students and teachers. Student services encompasses the school guidance and counseling program, school psychological services, coordination of district and state achievement testing, gifted and talented programming and the special education programs for all district students.

Our special education teachers, instructional aides and therapists give specially designed instruction and therapy to students with disabilities. The school counselors provide a systematic, comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program. Our school psychologist serves students, parents, and teachers through consultation, assessment, and program planning. The gifted and talented resource teachers provide systematic and continuous learning experiences which expand the development of pupils identified as gifted and talented. Please do not hesitate to call any member of the student services department for assistance. We wish you and your children a very rewarding and productive school year!

Student Services & Support Staff Tel: (920) 876-3307 Fax: (920) 876-3105
Ann Buechel Haack Director of Special Education/ELGHS 3375
Deb Hammann Director of Special Education ElGES/ELGMS 4126
Lois Pagelow Student Services Support Staff 4202
Jenell Homstead Student Services-School Psychologist 4205
Melanie Bunyea Student Services-School Counselor 3306
Jake Shanahan Student Services-School Counselor 4136
Kendra Raemaker ELL Aide 3352


Wisconsin's Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

The informational dyslexia guidebook required by 2019 Wisconsin Act 86 is online at  The guidebook was created through collaboration between the advisory committee, as outlined in Act 86, and DPI.  The informational guidebook discusses screening, instruction and intervention, and resources that can support improved learning for school-aged individuals with characteristics of dyslexia.