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Middle School Information

Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Middle School is committed to educating the whole student—academically, physically and emotionally.  Our students thrive in an atmosphere where everyone is celebrated by their unique abilities.  A safe environment and supportive staff provide the structure, security and care crucial for adolescent students.  

That’s why EL-G is a great place…


Significantly Exceeds Expectations on School Report Card with a 5-star rating.


  • Middle school class size averages 19 students to 1 teacher – More one-on-one time providing more student engagement and personalized learning experiences with the teacher.  Students don’t get “lost” in the crowd.


  • Qualified, caring, highly-educated teachers utilize a true team approach to optimize student growth.  A team approach is utilized both withinand betweenthe various grade levels.


  • Differentiated programs from remedial to enrichment. Small class size allows learning to be modified to fit the individual student needs, while also providing teacher/student interaction time especially important during the middle school years. Students are encouraged to participate in the various enrichment programs offered during and after school.  We continue to offer Drama Club for grades 4-6 and Chess Club, Art Club, Ecology Club and Robotics Club for grades 5-8.


  • Students’ academic progress is measured three times a year using MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) with results being utilized by teaching staff to plan and provide interventions if/when needed.


  • Schoolwide Forward Exam State Assessment scores for reading/language arts, math, science and social studies are above state average and comparable or above neighboring school districts. 
  • Students, parents, and staff collaboratively engage in ACP (Academic and Career Planning). SPEC (Student, Parent, Educational Career) conferences occur in eighth grade. 


  • Constant technology advancements support our new and exciting learning opportunities for all students.  Interactive whiteboards, Virtual Reality headsets, and 3-D document cameras utilized in all classrooms to actively engage students in the learning process and support curriculum areas.  A portable video cart is available for interactive learning and electronic field trips.  Currently ALL middle school (grades 5-8) students are provided tablets (Chromebooks) for their educational use. 


  • Provide Makerspace areas for students to create, tinker, play constructively, develop an idea and then work towards formulating viable solutions for alleviating the impact of chemical pollutants and plastic debris on marine mammals. 


  • Emphasis on activity-based learning experiences tailored to fit the unique needs of adolescent learners.  Examples include 5thgrade Jr. Achievement Biz Town activities, 7thgrade authored children’s books, Basic Aid Training, cooperative h.s./m.s. science lab experiences, DARE, Junior Achievement, integrated curricular projects, adopted “grandparent” program in conjunction with Rocky Knoll, “Little Amigos” Spanish program through which m.s. students facilitate elementary students’ learning of Spanish.


  • After-school Snack and Study program supervised by certified staff interested in helping with students’ questions and learning needs.


  • Advisor/advisee program focusing on community service/responsible citizenship/skills for adolescence.  Emphasis on building strong character, responsible decision-making abilities, and the importance of being a positive role model.  In coordination with this focus, M.S. Student Government sponsors a “Citizen of the Month” program for students.  Students also serve as “Big Buddies” to elementary students and get involved in our SASIE program (Students Assisting Students in Education).


  • Character Development program that helps create a CULTURE of caring, personal responsibility, and respect.  Allows students not just to learn about values, but experience them and ultimately use them.


  • Lifetime sports and fitness emphasis in Physical Education with sports such as bowling, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, golf, biking, and Frisbee golf.  Each student does a personalized Fitness-gram evaluation and participates in an all-school spring track meet.


  • A comprehensive summer school program based on both academics and enrichment activities (June 17-July 19)
  • Global Education activities and instruction integrated throughout the JK-Grade 12 curriculum.


  • Outside–the-Four-Walls” education emphasized with such programs as our environmental education, community service, Career Days, distance-learning/electronic field trip opportunities and courses.  


  • Exploratory course offerings for students in grades 7 & 8thincluding Spanish, robotics, tech. ed., economics, AV/TV (news reporting/video-editing course), agri-science and family and consumer ed.  Elective course opportunities also in the area of band, general music, art, and choir.


  • Art, Spanish, library, guidance, music, physical education and computers integrated into the 5thand 6thgrade schedules


  • Through cooperation with community groups a diverse offering of extra-curricular activities and athletics is provided—opportunities for all to get involved!  (See enclosed flier for complete listing!)


  • Exposure to fine performing arts—theatrical performance attendance by all levels, 7thgrade play, assemblies.


  • Annual Career Day exploration for students featuring community speakers. 
  • All-inclusive Handicapped Accessible Playground. 


  • Outdoor Education programs at all levels—5thgrade: Beaver Dam Outdoor Adventure;  6thgrade:  2-day Camp Anokijig experience; 7thgrade:  Outdoors Skills Center Wetland Experience at the Sheboygan County Marsh and 30-mile bike trip around the marsh; 8thgrade:  cross-country skiing in the Kettle Moraine Forest and volunteer work in our school forest.


  • Numerous student recognition programs—Student of the Quarter, Resorter Rewards, 8thGrade Recognition Night, Middle School Awards Program, etc.


  • Established cycle for continuous curriculum review—always looking to improve instruction for students.  Currently implementing science and engineering practices with the Next Generation Science Standards.


Our goal is to maintain values found in a small, traditional school model

while moving forward in an innovative, progressive direction.