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Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District

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District Welcome & Information
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District Goals
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New/Revised District Policies
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District Welcome & Information


I, along with our staff and school board members, welcome you to our district's website. We hope you find the information on this website helpful in gaining the information you desire about our schools. Should you not be able to find an answer to a question you have, or not find the particular piece of information for which you are looking, please do not hesitate to contact one of our school offices or the district office.

The mission of the ELG School District is to challenge, inspire, and empower, in a caring and innovative learning environment.


Our goal is to maintain values found in a small, traditional school model while moving forward in an innovative, progressive direction.

Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District continues to offer an array of comprehensive opportunities designed to encourage the development of the entire student. Our class sizes, with low teacher-student ratios, provide a caring and stimulating learning environment appropriate for each student. EL-G offers all the benefits of a much smaller school district, while maintaining a much larger district's ability to operate in an innovative and progressive manner.

What drives our system and shapes our vision is the goal of meeting the current and future needs of both parents and students. An almost endless list of opportunities is available for every student. Student involvement has always been a key focus of the school. The no-cut philosophy throughout our district ensures student access to extra-curricular options that aid in their overall growth. Every child can find his/her niche at EL-G and truly feel a part of the community.

Please contact me at the district office, or either of the schools' principals, and/or any of the school staff members, if we can ever be of assistance to you or your family. We are here to answer questions, provide tours, and/or share our districts's story with you. In fact, we'd be very happy and proud to do so!


Ann Buechel Haack, PhD.
District Administrator

Click here to learn more about why the staff, community, students, and parents are proud to be part of the Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District.

Not only is the E.L.G. Community the home of an outstanding school district, it's a great community in which to live and/or visit. Click here to learn more about our community at the Chamber of Commerce site.


Staff Directory

District Office Staff/Administrative Team H.S. Tel: (920) 876-3381 Fax: (920) 876-3511
Name Position Ext E-Mail
Ann Buechel Haack District Administrator/Director of Pupil Services & Special Education 3375
Chris Littig Administrative Business Assistant 3373
Kayla Groh-Bardon Administrative Business Assistant 3373
Wendy Spangenberg District Administrative Assistant 3370
Anthony Summers Tech. Coordinator/IT Systems Architect 3420
Ryan Faris High School Principal 3300

Elementary/Middle School Building E.S/M.S. Tel: (920) 876-3307 Fax: (920) 876-3105
Name Position Ext E-Mail
Charles Bares Special Education Consultant 4204
Brian "Fuzzy" Feldmann Director of Buildings & Grounds 4177
Debbie Hammann Elementary/Middle School Principal 4126
Chris Petrie Middle School Ass't Principal 4210
Ann Ahola GT Coordinator 4303


School Board

Click here to go to the ELGS School Board page.


District Goals

Click here to see the District goals 2009-2010 ----> 2009-2010 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2010-2011 ----> 2010-2011 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2011-2012 ----> 2011-2012 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2012-2013 ----> 2012-2013 Update

Click here to see the District goals for 2013-2014 ----> 2013-2014 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2014-2015 ----> 2014-2015 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2015-2016 ----> 2015-2016 Update
Click here to see the District goals for 2016-2017
----> 2016-2017 Update


District Technology Plan

As a district, we clearly recognize the impact that technology has on the lives of our staff, students, families, and community members. The importance of technology for our students is emphasized by the inclusion of specific and integrated technology standards in all of the Academic Standards adopted by the State of Wisconsin. For this very reason, it is critical that we, as a district, work to integrate the standards in a systematic and meaningful manner within our specific grade level curriculum areas and benchmarks. Technology needs to become a key element in the processes of the teachers' instruction and students' learning. Research has show that technology is effective in increasing student achievement when used to engage children in their learning.

Technology Plan Goals:

  1. Goal #1 Student Learning - Students will have exposure to instructional technology skills within all content areas which will develop and enhance their learning of technology and knowledge skills necessary for the 21st century—collaborate, create, and communicate.
  2. Goal #2 Staff Development - Staff development will be provided that enables the District staff to effectively use technology to improve student learning, ex pant students' opportunities to develop technology and knowledge skills, and/or facilitate staff productivity
  3. Goal #3 Communication - The district will utilize its enhanced technological capacity to communicate directly with its stakeholders, other residents, local business, and civic organizations.
  4. Goal #4 District Infrastructure - The district will utilize its resources to upgrade its infrastructure with the emphasis on quality, security, and reliability.
  5. Goal #5 The Library Media Program Review - The district's library steering committee will review and formulate recommendations for the library media services JK-grade 12.


New/Revised District Policies

The District is currently working with Neola to review all polices. Upon approval, all policies will be able to be accessed via the website. Watch for this coming Spring/Summer of 2015.

For any policy requests before then, please contact the District Office.



Kohl Community Fitness Center

The Kohl Community Fitness Center is available free of charge to district residents. Exercise is a vital part of physical and mental health and wellness. The Kohl Fitness Community Center is right next to the E.L. High School-take advantage of it! Exercise translates into better heart health (reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke), lowering blood pressure, boosting your HDL "good" cholesterol, increasing flexibility, stronger bones, relieving stress, boosting your energy, as well as, getting to your desired weight. Please see the 'Fitness Calendar' link under the Calendar section in our website's left margin to view Fitness Center operating hours outside of the school day. Prior to first use an orientation session must be arranged. For more information such as volunteering to be a Fitness Center Supervisor, fees, equipment and orientation, please contact Ryan Faris, the High School Principal at 920-876-3381 or email

Interested in getting your own key to the fitness center? By volunteering to be a Fitness Center Supervisor and making a 1-2 hour weekly commitment to be available at the Fitness Center outside of school hours, a supervisor is given a key to use for this weekly commitment time on their own personal schedule. Contact Mr. Faris if interested in applying or learning more.


School Performance Report

Wisconsin School District Performance Report (SDPR) was created in 1991. It serves as a district's annual public school report. SDPR allows you to compare a district to other districts in the same athletic conference. It covers many topics including the following: Achievement Test Results (grades 3, 4, 8, and 10); ACT, AP® Exam, Retention; Attendance, Dropouts, Truancy; High School Completion, Post-Graduation Plans; Program Offerings and Participation; Staffing & Finance; and Suspensions and Expulsions.

Go to the Wisconsin District and Performance Reports Website


School Closings and Delays

Since we do live in Wisconsin, we are bound to have school closings and delays due to inclement weather. Check the below ELGS Winter Weather Alert document link (below) for more detailed information relating to Childcare, Athletics, and Extra-Curricular Activities for school closing/delay days. Check the following radio and tv stations for information regarding ELGS closings and delays:



WISN WISN-TV (Milwaukee)
WITI-TV WITI-TV (Milwaukee)
WTMJ-TV WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee)


620 AM, 920 AM, 1330 AM, 93.7 FM, 94.5 FM, 95.7 FM, 97.3 FM, 98.1 FM, 100.7 FM, 104.5 FM, 106.1 FM

Click here to view the ELGS District Winter Weather Alert document (50KB PDF)


Student Services

The Student Services Department in our school district provides assistance to parents, students and teachers. Student services encompasses the school guidance and counseling program, school psychological services, coordination of district and state achievement testing, gifted and talented programming and the special education programs for all district students.

Our special education teachers, instructional aides and therapists give specially designed instruction and therapy to students with disabilities. The school counselors provide a systematic, comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program. Our school psychologist serves students, parents, and teachers through consultation, assessment, and program planning. The gifted and talented resource teachers provide systematic and continuous learning experiences which expand the development of pupils identified as gifted and talented. Please do not hesitate to call any member of the student services department for assistance. We wish you and your children a very rewarding and productive school year!


Student Services & Support Staff Tel: (920) 876-3307 Fax: (920) 876-3105
Chuck Bares Director of Special Education 4204
Lois Pagelow Student Services Support Staff 4202
Kristine Polzin Student Services-School Psychologist 4205
Melanie Bunyea Student Services-School Counselor 3306
Samantha Hofacker Student Services-School Counselor 4136
Janice Hannon ELL Aide 3352



The District publishes a bi-monthly newspaper, The Resorter Reporter, that is available to the community. It contains numerous writings including: Message from the District Administrator, Message from the H.S/M.S./E.S. School Administrators, School Board minutes, School calendar, District News, Extra-Curriculum events and fundraiser, Educational News from various school departments. Copies may be picked up in the ELGS H.S. office. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive a copy of The Resorter Reporter, please email Wendy in the H.S. office (